Organic Grape Seaweed for Better heart and skin, Natural Dietary and Anti-cancer – box 3.53oz. $7.99



Grape seaweed  is a precious seaweed cultured in the sear and deep ocean contains high nutritional content, so it is widely used in dishes as well as becoming a medicine to support user health. Grape seaweed looks like a bunch of grapes and identified as green caviar, with higher nutritional value than many common vegetables, tubers and fruits.

Grape seaweed is used as a green vegetable high content of vitamins A, C, K, provides many substances, calcium, copper, iron and iodine and fatty acid, folic acid  that’s good for heath. 100 grams of grape seaweed contains only 4kcal. Best for weight loss

Eating grape seaweed helps strengthening bones, enhances eyesight, prevents blood pressure and diabetes, constipation, and obesity. It is also good for heart and better skin.


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Pack of 3.53oz

Fresh grape seaweed (90%), saturated brine (1%)


Step 1: Gently wash the sea grapes under soft flow to refresh it

Step2: Soak the sea grapes 2 minutes in clean water, spread it on ice or soak it in an ice bowl to make it crispier

Step3: Enjoy it within 30 minutes with your  favorite dipping sauce. Sesame sauce is the best

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and high humidity. After opening the box, keep it in the refrigerator

*Note: Do not fry, cook or pour the sauce directly into the fresh grape seaweed.

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Weight 3.53 oz