Organic Premium Graded Sichuan Pepper – Mountainous Beefsteak Seasoning – bag 3.53oz. $5.99



Organic Sichuan Pepper – The soul of cuisine


Organic Sichuan Pepper is an indispensable spice in the kitchen of the mountainous region of Asia. After the tree bears fruit, it will be collected and dried to be used gradually throughout the year


For better taste: Mixed with Mountainous Magnolia so-called Michelia tonkinensis create a spice with a strong aroma, more fragrant than pepper perfect for grilled beef, seafood and chicken.


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Organic Sichuan Pepper – The soul of cuisine

Pack of 3.53 oz

Intruction: Grind the nuts and mix them with seasonings to create special aroma for baked goods or put in the sauces

Store in a cool, dry place, away from high humidity, and tightly closed after opening the bag.


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Weight 3.53 oz