About us

About 2 years ago, one partner in our Engagement Team, was reading a newspaper and learned of a special grass that could be turned into the size of a straw in two years’ time.  It sparked a curiosity to utilize a natural resource near her home that was congruent with her love for nature, her talent to be innovative, and her mission to empower women and bring jobs to those in Asian villages. She formed an R&D team and had the prototype in 3 months. She was able to manufacture 100% organic bamboo straws as the first product on her journey to design green natural products.  She took time to perfect a process only done at our factory to clean the bamboo.  She searched for 6 months for the right machine to individually wrap the bamboo straws with paper.  The R&D phase concluded right at the time of COVID, so we have everything ready to present and would love your assistance to draw awareness to our first finished product.  We have prototypes of other sustainable bamboo items in the works.  Currently, we have the individually paper-wrapped bamboo basic straw that is 3mm-8mm in diameter and 20cm in length. The wrapper and the straw can each be customized to carry the logo branding of your choice. Recently, at the request of Delta Airlines innovation and sustainability team, we are working on a cocktail size bamboo straw at 14cm that is prepared for large-scale production. With our recent TUV certification, the straws are globally tested, certified, and approved.  We are excited to do our part to better the planet and lower the need for single-use plastics. We hope to band with you and your organic influence on a “Green Journey” to push this sustainable product and help bring more jobs to the people.  Thank you for your time and consideration. Our collective energy will help launch more quality products that are kind to the environment and ultimately be the impetus to change the world.

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