Indexed Universal Life (IUL): A Smart Decision for a Secure Life ?

Indexed Universal Life (IUL): A Smart Decision for a Secure Life

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance is a form of permanent life insurance that provides a cash value component in addition to the death benefit.

It can help that the money you accumulate in the IUL fund earns compound interest based on the market and bonuses from the company.

Therefore, the Indexed Universal Life (IUL) fund is very popular for building and accumulating wealth for the future.

The Benefits of Indexed Universal Life 

IUL typically limits the amount you can save to less than 100% and is based on a potentially volatile stock index.

If the index drops, you won’t earn any interest, even if you haven’t lost money in your account.

IUL policies offer significant tax benefits, as a result, they are popular among those who want to reduce their tax debt.

The increase in the cash value of IUL policies is tax-free, which means that you do not to pay taxes on the profits before you take them out.

Additionally, policy loans and the withdrawal of the policy’s cash value are typically tax-free, which allows you to access your funds without additional tax obligations.

Ultimately, the tax-free death benefit is the sole source of income.

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