Invest and Settle in the U.S. with E-2 Visa: Comprehensive Guide


The E-2 Visa is a great door to the future. This is a type of non-immigrant visa, mainly for businessmen and investors in the United States.

The E-2 visa allows investors bring their family ( including spouse and children under 21 years old while operating the business).

WHO is qualified for E-2 VISA?

Being a citizen of a country that has a trade treaty with the United States.

The applicant must own at least 50% shares, or prove the operational control of the business in the U.S. (no less than $100,000).

What happens after the E-2 visa is approved? 

  • Your entire family can freely come to the U.S. to live, study, and work.
  • You will have immediate employment in the U.S., working at the company you just purchased.
  • You can use the business you purchased to sponsor your family through EB3 or EB5, or have your children sponsor you.
  • Your children can attend free public schools like natives, from elementary through high school.
  • You have the freedom to travel back and forth to your home country.

Important Notes:

  • Most importantly, you need to find a U.S. company that is suitable for you.
  • You also must ensure that when investing money into a company, you have good, open, and professional partners and the company has a good culture and profitability.
  • You need to have a good lawyer and consultant to ensure your family’s long-term success in the U.S.


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