Premium Bamboo Vacuum Insulated Bottle. Size 9.84 x 2.87 inches. $29.99


Eco-friendly design for camping and everyday use

The bamboo vacuum insulated bottle is designed to maintain the temperature of the liquid contents stored in the thermos for 12-24 hours. Hot contents retain their temperatures for more than 12 hours while the colder contents remain cool for almost 24 hours. It is highly durable and gets it durability from the high-quality stainless steel insulated walls on the inside and the tea infuser that comes with the tea flask. You can store cold liquid contents like juice, water or mocktails while hot contents like tea, coffee or hot water can also be stored

This beautiful bamboo shell tea flask is a perfect gift for anyone for any occasion due to its aesthetic characteristics and insulating properties which keeps the liquid contents fresh and protects from any temperature disruptions. The alluring outer shell design is sure to mesmerize people around you due to its bamboo shell and design which is hand-crafted to perfection to fit the outer side of the flask.


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Eco-friendly designed for camping and everyday use

We use 100% sustainable bamboo to create an immaculate outer shell design with a neat and smooth finish giving the feeling of contributing towards environmental safety

We use only 100% pure organic and sustainable bamboo to craft and design our outer shell. Buying one of our thermoses will help prevent plastic thermos entering the environment

Natural beige color

Suitable for all hot and cold beverages

heigh 25cm x width 7.3cm x weight 15.87oz /400ml


Additional information

Weight 15.87 oz
Dimensions 2.87 × 9.84 in


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