Natural Grass and Straw Handmade Large Bag by handwoven skills of craftsmen. $29.99


The bag is carefully hand-crafted by skillful artisans. Natural straw bag are perfect for any occasion. It is roomy yet not bulky and loosen for a casual look. Slim, comfortable handles slip easily over the shoulder or arm


The surface is trimmed carefully to create a smoothness for the bag. Lightweight for easy to carry anytime you want. Perfectly use for daily companion and make a great gift too.


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100% natural grass and straw

Natural beige color and solid green

Shoulder strap drop, cotton lining inside and zipper

Dimensions (cm): Length 44 x Width 15 x Height 28 x Strap height 23 x Bottom 28

Store the bag in a dry place, away from moisture and water. Dry it in the sun a few times and avoid bag from getting wet.

Additional information

Weight 8.82 oz
Dimensions 17.32 × 5.90 × 11.02 in


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