Organic Mushroom Coffee for immunization, sharper focus, weight loss and more – box 6.35oz. $25.99



Selective natural ingredients with Reishi Mushroom delivers more energy, sharper focus, and immune support for a balanced body and clear mind

Clean/green Coffee 100% organic, NO sugar

You can drink during the day and still sleep soundly at night since it only has half the caffeine

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Pack of 6.35oz

Clean/green Coffee 100% organic, no sugar

Ingredients: Clean/green Coffee, Reishi Mushroom, Dandelion, Black Garlic, Cocoa Powder

How to use:  Stir a sache into 50ml warm water, relax, and let these ingredients work their magic

Tips for weight loss: Use 1/2 sache in the first two days to let the body to start the process. From the 3rd day and the following days use 1 sache per day and drink until the desired weight is reached.  Continue to drink every other day, every other week and do not to stop suddenly to maintain the desired weight.


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Weight 6.35 oz
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